Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home from Jordan

Yesterday I started on a 24 hour journey from Amman, Jordan to New York, to Salt Lake City and finally to Vancouver B.C. I was supposed to meet my wife Sharon in Salt Lake City but her plane was late from Dallas. They wouldn't let me switch because I was on an "international baggage match itinerary" and Sharon made it to the gate while I was on the plane still waiting but they wouldn't let her board! She made it late last night and so we are together again for which I am very thankful.
My last few days in Jordan were great as I traveled to Petra, Wadi Rum (see pic), Lot's Cave (see pic), Dead Sea (see pic) and back to Amman and then to the airport. I met some bedouin friends in Petra who I have known over the years of visiting (and got two invitations for meals in the bedouin village). I will have some more pictures next week when I get my computer fixed (I'm using my wife's computer now).
Right now I am sitting in John and Sarah's apartment looking out over the city of Vancouver with the mountains in the background. It is green, snow on the mountains, cool — the exact opposite of what I have been experiencing the last few weeks in Jordan. But I have come home with a renewed love for the Body of Christ in the Arab world and an appreciate for all that we have here in North America, so much of what I take for granted until I am reminded of what some people in other parts of the world have or don't have. I hope to go back soon to encourage, teach, help again.