Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Bible Reader's Joke Book

For many years I have been collecting jokes from books, sermons, lectures, magazines, etc. I have used jokes and humor stories in my sermons and classes since I first started in ministry.

The Bible Reader's Joke Book

Now I've put over 2,000 of these jokes together in a 500 page book and published it. It is available on in either paperback or Kindle version.

The jokes are categorized from Genesis to Revelation and there is also an extensive topical index at the end if you want to see where other jokes on the same topic are located.

The paperback can be ordered from:

The Kindle version is available at:

 This book is designed for use by Youth Pastors, preachers or teachers, Bible Study leaders, and by anyone who loves humor and loves the Bible

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. If you appreciate your pastor perhaps this is a ministry tool that he doesn't yet have that he would enjoy!