Friday, June 22, 2012

YWAM Teaching in Jordan and Israel

In two weeks I will fly to Amman, Jordan (via Toronto, Ontario, Canada to visit my parents for 3 days) to join a group of 10 YWAM student/missionaries on a special year-long YWAM program called PHOTOGENX ( These young people have been traveling now for 3 months learning photography & communication (in Thailand), evangelism (in India), and starting July 6th they will spend six weeks digging deeper into the Bible (in Jordan, Israel and Egypt). I have the privilege of teaching them for the first three weeks and then my good friend and a Ph.D. candidate at DTS, Charles Savelle will teach them for another 3 weeks.
For the three weeks I will be with them we will be staying in hostels (basic, no AC!) in Amman, Jordan (downtown across from the Roman theater), and then in Bethlehem (Palestinian controlled West Bank city). Most mornings will be spent in the study of the Word and we will travel to see some of the places we are studying as finances allow. I will also preach in churches and at a chapel service at the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary.
This is not my unusual teaching venue.
These are not my normal seminary students.
This is the way I am starting a year's sabbatical graciously given to me by Dallas Theological Seminary.
I am both intimidated and excited. It's hard not to be when you really don't know what lies ahead of you.
Pray for good health, an ability to sleep in very hot nights without AC, good relationships, spiritual conversations, ability to teach and so much more.
I'll try and keep you updated through this blog.