Monday, December 5, 2011

Join me in Israel next December

I'd like you to consider joining Dr. Paul Shockley and me for a unique journey into Israel whereby we will explore the best of Old Testament and New Testament Israel. We will travel to places we all love to see, (e.g., Western Wall; Sea of Galilee), but also see places not normally seen (e.g., Akko; Samaria; Shiloh; Qumran Cave # 1). This would be a great tour even if you have been to Israel before. You'll see the best of the old and the best of the new sites. If you are interested, you can take a look the pictures on this page (click on them to increase their size) or at an e-brochure on front page of Paul's website: or I will be glad to email you a PDF copy of brochure.
Our trip will be between fall and spring semesters, December 26, 2012- January 6, 2013 and we think this is going to allow a number of people in education to go on this tour since the tours in the fall and spring are often during regular school days. Some businesses are not as busy during these two weeks and so this might be a great time to combine a week of vacation with normal holidays.
The weather will be cool with a possibility of rain. At this same time last year Paul and I spend two weeks in Israel and we loved the coolness, clear days, bright flowers and the beautifully green fields.
We are limiting this tour to a single bus so once it is full it is full! Consider putting down your deposit sooner rather than later.