Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back "Home" in Hungary at WOL

I just arrived in Hungary after a 9 1/2 flight from Dallas to London and then a 3 1/2 flight from London to Budapest.
To say I'm "back home" is my way of recognizing that I have been coming here to Word of Life in Hungary for over 12 years. This will be my seventh time to teach though translation at this wonderful Bible Institute. The academic dean is a former student of mine from DTS! The camp director is a former student of mine from DTS! I've brought my wife here, my good friend Charles Savelle, some great people from
Stonebriar for a work week but this time I'm here by myself to teach for one week.
I'm thankful to God that my home church, Waterbrook Bible Fellowship in Wylie, sees value in sending me to teach overseas as part of our church's missions program. Our church is very committed to give, to pray, and to go!
The view one gets as you drive in the front gate is this beautiful view of t
he "castle." The castle is really a historical count's home and is quite amazing as the centerpiece of this school and camp God has raised up. This property used to be used as a summer camp for the children of communist officials! (My room is on the second floor around to the right side of the building.)
Everything is quiet here this Saturday afternoon since some students are in Budapest and others are out in ministry. There is a wedding going on in the "backyard" of the castle (see pics below of pictures being taken down by "the lake" and a view of the backside of the castle).
I am going to take a little rest and then prepare for preaching tomorrow. It will be about 3 am Dallas time when I will be preaching at the Baptist Church in Budapest so if you wake up — pray for me!
My suitcase was heavy with a number of books for staff here, a number of
bags of candy to be used as treats for the students between morning classes and some material I plan to use for teaching (and some clothes including a suit for preaching in on Sunday — the proper attire for a preacher over here is still a suit and tie).
I'm looking forward to preaching and teaching sharing in the men's evening devotional time and visiting a number of the staff and faculty in their homes for evening meals. I'll try and blog both
this week and over the weekend as I travel around Turkey for a few days. Hope you will read and feel free to leave a comment so I know you're there and hopefully praying too.