Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back blogging starting with an accident

I took a few months off blogging but I'm back!
I spent the last few days in Atlanta at the ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) conference listening to papers, meeting fellow professors and former students, and buying books!
I came home to my car that had been sideswiped by a 28 year old man who, after hitting my car, struck my neighbor Larry as he got out of his truck. The picture to the right (taken by my son-in-law Justin) shows the scene from the side of my car towards Larry's truck that was turned back to front and on its side by the impact of the accident. Larry was left lying beside the curb just before his wife's white car. The man, who is being charged with assault, has his Neon car to the left. The suspect was not badly hurt I understand, but Larry's leg with its new artificial knee is broken, his collarbone is broken, his eyes are swollen and damaged, his body is bruised and battered. I got a good visit with him this morning in ICU and read to him some Scripture (Isaiah 40:28-31) and prayed with him and his wife.
My car has been damaged down its passenger side but cars can be repaired (although I'm not sure if the suspect's insurance is sufficient!). I leave Monday for Vancouver, British Columbia to visit my new grand kids (Soren and Marlow will be the subject of my next blog!). When I get back I will be dealing with the insurance company on the repairs. This comes a couple of months after this same car was repaired after being rear-ended by a driver! I am slowly getting my 1998 car renovated!
You can see some raw helicopter video of the accident at:
The story is about the seventh story down on the page.
In the next few weeks I'll be blogging about my twin grand kids, my upcoming men's tour to Israel, upcoming house renovations, and other interesting items that come into my life. Trust you'll come back and visit me.