Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Classea and Chapel

This day started by noticing a shepherd (he is located in the lower left center with a red head covering on) with his flock of goats outside the guest room window right next to a newly build apartment building. The old and new somehow still existing in a balance and in tension here in this culture and country. In fact this balance and tension is seen everywhere in Jordan with BMW's of the wealthy competing with the donkeys of the poor on the road. Men in robes and young men in blue jeans, ladies in long dark dresses and others in the fashions of modern American side-by-side. They are building the first skyscaper in Amman (actually twin buildings one of which just had the crane collapse up some forty stories!) not far from 2,000 year old ruins. What a place!
I taught Hosea today and had a great time doing so. I must admit that teaching with a translator, even one as good as Hanna, is tiring because it is somehow harder to relax. Maybe my age has something to do with it too but I still love to teach. After classes we attended chapel that was run by the student council here at JETS. A wonderful time of singing, praying and then a humorous skit with a good message. A good day topped off by a visit to Amman's Burger King restaurant! Tomorrow are classes on Jonah and then a visit to one of the Decapolis cities Jerash.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    I wish I was there with you! Barbara and I have fully recovered from our Bramer Israeli Adventure. We had a ball! Hope to see you again. I love your blog, I will add it to my blogroll.