Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday in Amman, Jordan

Today is a "regular" work day here in Jordan. However JETS doesn't have classes and some Christian churches still have services and so I was asked to preach at two of them (If I had time and energy I could be preaching almost every night of the week).
This morning we drove down into the heart of Amman and I preached at a primarily Iraqi church. The worship leader/preacher, Behnam, is a student in my class. A group of five Americans from the East Coast were also there to sing a song and give a brief word of testimony as they ended two weeks working at the church. By the way, every church that we have visited somehow has a computer with a powerpoint projector to use and they often sing the same choruses as we do, just in Arabic of course.
After a rest and some study this evening I preached at what used to be a primarily Iraqi church but now has probably four or five different nationalities in it. Iraqi churches are beginning to dwindle as more and more of them get visas through the UN to immigrate to North America due to the persecution that could well await them if they were to return to Iraq. Praise God there is outreach going on and others are now coming.
The church this evening is pastored by my young Egyptian friend Hany. [By the way someone has given $1000 dollars to Hany to help him out. He was speachless when I gave him the 700JD's and then began to praise God with a number of Amens and Hallelujahs! Later he asked me if he could share half of it with his sister who is getting married. He had promised her to help with her wedding but told me he had nothing to give so he had just been praying for God to help him. I told him the money was his from the Lord through someone who just wanted to bless him.] Hany translated for me this evening and then we were requested to go back to his apartment with about 10 others from the church for special Arabic desserts (which are wonderful with cheese and something sweet???). Steven took some pictures of me preaching with the translator beside me but I have gotten them yet, perhaps I'll post some tomorrow.
I enjoy the challenge of driving here. The roads are in good repair but take a look at the road outside the church tonight! It would be easy to drop off and it is about 10 feet down.
Now back at the guest house at 9:30 pm preparing for tomorrow's 4 1/4 hours of teaching with two breaks (8:15 am - 1:00 pm). I find it hard to hear myself for that long so I wonder how the students do it.

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  1. Great entry Stephen. Reminds me of my time there. Thanks for the pictures. Yes, I recognize the location of the Iraqi church.