Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shopping in Jerusalem!

While this second to last day was not ALL shopping a lot of shopping went on during the afternoon. The morning was spent touring, not the ancient sites, but the Shrine of the Book (Dead Sea scrolls), the model of 1st Century Jerusalem, and YodVaShem (holocaust museum). We also went to the Garden Tomb (Gordon's Calvary) for a tour of what may be Golgotha and the burial tomb of Jesus (this site competes with the Church of the Holy Seplucher). Before shopping, as while our pilgrims were at the museum which we had viewed many times before, Sharon and I went to tour Zedikiah's Cave, a second temple period rock quarry that stretches from under the north wall of the city about 250 yards under the present Muslim Quarter. It was quite neat to view and is something I've wanted to do for years. The afternoon was spent allowing the pilgrims to shop, either in the Old City or on Ben Yehudah street (pedestrian mall area of West Jerusalem). We serve as guides and help the pilgrims get what they want. We usually take them to some of the shop keepers we've known for years and can trust to give everyone a fair deal.
Sharon left our camera on the bus tonight after returning from the Steve Green concert that was held in downtown Jerusalem so I have no pictures from today for my blog tonight. She has been taking most of the pictures that appear in this blog since we have been in Israel (thanks sweetheart). I'll stick in a couple of pictures from earlier days of this tour for those one you who like pictures! The two pictures at the top are of our guide Elon and our driver Eliazer.
Tomorrow we will all be together at the Garden Tomb for a communion service and then we will tour the Jewish Quarter. This tour will all come to an official end sometime after lunch. I can't wait to get back. Right now I think I have two future tours coming back to the Land so I won't be too sad leaving since I know (Lord willing) to return again.
It would be great if you could join Sharon and I on one of our upcoming tours.

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