Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainbow Over the Sea of Galilee

As I finished my previous post Gary called to us to look out the window at the rainbow. The picture below shows the beautiful rainbow that became a complete arch over the sea. As I looked out and took this picture (the rainbow was too wide to get it completely) it seemed as if I was standing in the middle of the arch. The Bayers like to call spontaneous blessings like this rainbow "kisses from God!" I've felt very "kissed' today as the Lord gave us blessing upon blessing.


  1. How wonderful, Stephen, and thanks for sharing this picture! We're all looking forward to the time in a few days. Been praying for the Hattegerg's time there as well.

  2. I am quite jealous. I never really had a passion to go there until I came to DTS. But reading about Jesus' life and stories of the Old Testament and realizing these places are still present has changed my view. Very happy for you, and a beautiful rainbow! Keep posting pictures!