Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rainbow Over the Dead Sea

On my last day in Israel, Sharon and I drove to Teqoa (hometown of Amos) and then as we drove up to the top of the Herodium (one of Herod the Great's palaces and where he was buried — the Herodium is that cove-shaped hill in the distance in the photo taken from an Arab village some distance away) we saw this beautiful rainbow over the Dead Sea! What a beautiful sight (3 weeks after we saw a rainbow over the Sea of Galilee).
The Dead Sea area is fascinating and earlier in the week we spent time at the Jordan River (looking across to the country of Jordan!), visiting Masada (the "fortress"), and Qumran (Cave #4) is in the background as I share a devotional at this site.
I haven't blog in almost two weeks because I was extremely busy with the IFL Israel tour. I'm going to try and do a few "catch-up" blogs this week to let you know some of the great sites and events we had during our time there.
We met some great people on our bus (IFL #1) and heard some great stories about God's faithfulness to them over the years. We hope we can visit some of these wonderful people in the next few months.

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