Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pizza Party in Hungary!

Tonight the 53 students along with some staff members of the Word of Life Bible Institute here in Tóalmás, Hungary enjoyed an outdoor pizza and dessert party due to the generosity of Waterbrook Bible Fellowship in Wylie, Texas ( This is my home church and it is this church that faithfully sends me our each year to teach in some international context as part of our missions program at our church. When I made the announcements the Sunday before I left I mentioned that whenever I have some extra money or if someone gives me some money for my mission trip I usually try and purchase a special dessert for the students. The evening meal here is quite basic (the pic shows the bread and lunch meat we had last night). Well . . . the Waterbrook people were more than generous after the service and I ended up with $330 to buy desserts! The leadership here helped me come up with a better plan than desserts after every meal and so today the students enjoyed pizza (delivered from a local town since Tóalmás doesn't have a pizza shop) and a traditional Hungarian dessert called, Somlói galuska (it is wonderful!). Study hour was cancelled and the students ate and then played some games outside. The students were very excited when they realized what dinner was tonight and when they were told it was a gift from brothers and sisters at my home church they broke out into applause (and then again when it was translated into Hungarian). Most of them came up to me personally to thank me and so I pass their thanks on to Waterbrook. Thanks brothers and sisters!
I've requested that the extra money that we didn't use for candy, pizza, or dessert go into a fund that can help the students out another time. Thanks for being so generous! 

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  1. Hi Dr. Bramer, I've enjoyed reading your blogs about WOLBI Hungary. I have recently decided to study there for a year starting this fall. My name is Libby Barnard and I was friends with Sara growing up at RBC. Currently Im teaching in Shanghai, but look forward to seeing you next year in Hungary! God bless!