Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amman, Jordan

Just an hour ago I arrived in Amman, Jordan via Paris, France via Toronto, Canada from Dallas, Texas. What a sight to look down from the plane and view the region of Samaria with the Sea of Galilee in the distance and then to fly over the Decapolis city of Philadelphia (today's Amman with probably a million population I'm guessing). A great adventure awaits!
I am sitting in the second story of a hostel looking out on the busy, busy main downtown street where the stores are open and people are shopping and eating etc. . . .  by the way it is 10:27 pm and it still looks like it is 2 pm in terms of activity.
The students who I will be teaching for the next three weeks arrived this morning from India (where they have been ministering for the last 6 weeks) and so tomorrow we will start with a time of sharing, probably on the roof terrace if we can. Otherwise, I think the room I'm sharing with the male leader Kyle will become our classroom!
Pictures and my ongoing adventures here in the "other" holy land (in contrast to Israel on the other side of the Jordan) should follow in the days ahead.

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