Monday, July 16, 2012

A Bad Fall at Tel Hesbon

Tel Hesbon
On Saturday we rented two cars and the ten of us started off on a day's touring on the Medaba Plateau area of Jordan. We saw Tel Hesbon (captial of the Amorites in this area at the time of the conquest), the Arnon River Gourge (the "Grand Canyon" of Jordan, and the natural border of Moab), Dibon (where the Mesha Stele was found), Machareus (where Josephus says John the Baptist was beheaded)
The shore of the Dead Sea (Jordanian side)
the mosaic map of the Byzantine Near East in St. George's Church in Madaba, Mt Nebo, and finally a "float" in the Dead Sea. We did all this but I took a pretty good fall at Tel Hesbon.
I was climbing up the edge of an excavated part of Tel Hesbon (check your Bibles! It was the capital of the Amorites, where King Sihon ruled). I had just found a piece of Roman glass and as I stepped on a stone sticking out from the side (I had used it as a foothold on the way down) it gave away. I fell
YWAM students floating in the Dead Sea
maybe 12-15 feet, hitting first some ground and landing on some 12-16 inch rockpile. I laid there for a moment or two to make sure I wasn't seriously injured. Nothing with my head! I have a badly bruised heal, a cut on the other ankle, a very badly scrapped elbow, puncture hole in one hand and scrapped the skin off a 1/2 inch area on the other hand. I landed hard but so far nothing appears the worse for wear other than what I have mentioned. I did this at about 9 am this morning. I washed it out at the next stop and 10 hours later I have put antibiotic cream on it. My elbow has been
One of the reasons why I didn't go in the Dead Sea
"weaping" all day.
I just went to a pharmacy and bought some gauze to wrap it in for tonight and again tomorrow.
Not a bad view from my hammock! It was over a hundred degrees F, very humid and I was hurting from my fall but how could I not enjoy this beautiful creation of our God?

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  1. Wow. Sounds like a very full day. Sorry to hear about your fall, but I am glad to hear that you are okay. I hope you still was able to hang on to the Roman glass! I look forward to meeting up with you and the group in about a week.