Monday, February 11, 2013

Preaching in Jordan

When I'm here in the summer (I usually come in July but because I'm on sabbatical it allowed me to come here in Febuary) I often see license plates from Saudi Arabia. I haven't seen many of them this time but I did see one that seemed to have some connection with the monarchy or at least government. I was wondering as I took the picture if a security person was going to start asking questions. Apparently I looked innocent enough and I went on my walk.
One of the real joys I have as one who enjoys both the Scriptures and the local church is the opportunity I often have to preach when I am traveling. On Saturday morning I preached in morning chapel at JETS with men and women present from at least 6 different countries. Sunday evening I preached at 1st Circle Church of the Nazarene whose pastor is a former student I taught at JETS, I was translated by a former student and translator I had at JETS, and in the audience was a former student and his wife that I taught at DTS in Dallas! Although I just had a little part in the preparation of these former students, what a joy it is to see them in ministry and to hear what God is doing through them.

In my class right now I have 3 students from Egypt, 1 student from Syria, 3 students from South Sudan, 1 student from Korea, and 3 students from Jordan. What will God do through these committed servants of His? Some of them have very little  and they have been through so much. I plan to give whatever I can to help them prepare to preach and teach the Word. 
If anyone reading my blog feels God wants them to contribute some money to these students, please just write me an email. You could send it to my home, meanwhile I could use my bank card to get some money and give it to them while I'm here. These students are a tremendous investment in reaching the Arabic speaking world.

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  1. Some of our family have recently moved to Amman and will be visiting The International Church tonight.