Sunday, August 23, 2009

34th Wedding Anniversary

August 22nd was the day of our wedding, 34 years ago. I was so excited that this year I would not be away at the DTS faculty workshop (which often occurs on our anniversary), and that it would be on a weekend (during the week we both have responsibilities of the starting of our schools), BUT then Sharon announced (rather sheepishly I think) that she had a women's ministry planning retreat for the ladies of DTS! So I got up had breakfast with my good friend Stan Johnson, shopped at Home Depot (no, not for Sharon!), fixed a broken light fixture, went to a jewellery store to get repaired Sharon's wedding ring which had (some years ago) lost a small diamond, bought some flowers, bought some special items for an at-home anniversary dinner (I only do stuff that can be cooked on the gas grill), and had everything ready for Sharon when she arrived home at about 8 pm. You might think I should be cheered for doing these things but those who know us well know that I have many, many such labors of love still to be performed to come anywhere close to showing Sharon the love she has shown me during these good years together.
I'm looking forward to many more years together with the love of my life.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Dad, your 34 makes our 3 look like a pretty small accomplishment! Glad you guys could find some time in your busy schedules to celebrate.