Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teaching Hungary (from Texas!)

I'm teaching Hungarian students from my home study in Garland, Texas! Last Sunday my flight to Budapest through Paris got canceled due to the ash cloud that shut down the flights over Europe. So this week, for the first time, I am teaching via Skype. I speak, wait for the translation, and then continue on. I can see the class (from the back of their classroom) and they can see me here in my office. I have sent my PowerPoint presentations and teaching notes on Proverbs to the translator, Chris James. He is doing a great job and the class seems to be going well. Today I introduced my class to my son Joshua who was at home studying (as a proud father I need to let you know that Joshua won the Greek award at Criswell College yesterday after winning the Hebrew award last year!).
This Sunday I have another flight booked to go to Budapest through Paris in order to teach the second half of the course. Next Friday I hope to fly from Budapest to Bucharest Romania to teach the Minor Prophets for a week. Both of these at classes at Word of Life Bible Institute or Training Center ( I am scheduled to fly home via British Airways to London and then American Airline on to Dallas. If I get stuck in Europe I may have to slip over to Israel or Turkey or some other place to see if I can visit a few sites. Well, at least I can dream.
Once I get to Europe I hope to update my blog with what is happening there at the schools.

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