Wednesday, March 4, 2015

31 Pizzas!

Tonight the 62 students (along with many staff and some guest from the Czech Republic who were here visiting as potential students) had lots of pizza, soda and dessert due to the generosity of the members of Waterbrook Bible Fellowship ( On my last Sunday before coming here I was preaching at WBF and offer to collect any money our church members wanted to give so that the students here could have dessert one night. Not surprisingly at least to me, the generous people of Waterbrook
filled my pocket with bills and so tonight it was not just dessert but a great meal for everyone!

I wish you could have been there to see the excitement and to hear the words of thanks from these students. They were crowded into the foyer of the "castle" some time before the pizzas ever arrived! Once it did arrive there were many expressions of thanksgiving and joy. Over and over again I was told to thank the people of my home church. So Waterbrook Bible Fellowship thank you! You don't realize how proud and honored I am to come from a generous church - generous in so many ways.
They ordered 11 large pizzas  
from one company and 20 medium pizzas from another company, both from nearby towns here 40 miles east of Budapest. Along with dessert from a local bakery the night was delightful.

I had a long but wonderful day of teaching here, with a late night devotional still to come. I taught 3 sessions of 2 Timothy followed immediately by a chapel message to the staff and students. My translator was a former student from my first time teaching here back in 2002!

I hope some day some of you will have the joy of joining me here to see God at work in some very fine Christian young people who I believe are going to make an impact for Christ, now and in the years to come.



  1. What a blessing to see them with such big smiles. Would love to meet each and everyone of the students. Blessings, Vickie Heath

  2. This night was so cool, thank you Dr. Bramer for everything!!