Friday, March 6, 2015

Music, Drama and Videos - Hungarian Style!

Today was my last day teaching here at the Bible Institute of Word of Life, Hungary. I've been teaching through interruption, I'm mean translation (an Hungarian intern has been translating for me and she has been wonderful)! In the second session of the three I had today the students had the option of presenting 2-4 verses of 2 Timothy in a creative fashion. I wish you could have been there! Serious songs, humorous videos, exciting dramas by students from different cultures and countries all lent a very creative application to what we've been learning from 2 Timothy. As you
can see from some of the pictures the stage in the meeting room where I teach is under construction but that didn't seem to affect the creativity and insights that the students produced. I was blessed.
I concluded my teaching with a challenge to the students to be faithful in the presence of difficult circumstances and difficult people. I realized as I was speaking that many of these students are from countries where it is much more difficult than in America to live courageously as a believer. I prayed for them as I finished.
Each evening I have had the privilege of being hosted for dinner by one of the staff members here at Word of Life. Usually they have invited a few students to join me for dinner at their home and I have been blessed. To hear stories from staff and students about how God has worked in their lives is always encouraging and often challenging. This week I have been struggling with a cough and a little illness but that seems so small a concern when I hear the testimonies of God. If you have a young person who is looking for a place to spend a year learning God's Word and getting to know God's people from around the world, then they should consider coming here to Word of Life, Hungary for a year.
The staircase up to my room!

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