Sunday, March 8, 2015

Brethren Church in Miskolc, Hungary - An Opportunity

 This morning I preached at the Brethren Church in Miskolc, Hungary this morning. Miskolc is the third largest city in Hungary. It is know throughout
Europe for its hot spring baths, the most famous one that is in a cave. For many years buses from all over the communist
world arrived here. This city also has the largest Brethren church in the nation
(though it is small
The church stretches back from this building with a V-shaped sky-lighted roof.
in comparison to many churches in North America). What a privilege to return to this historic church where I preached two years ago. 

The starting of this church is remarkable and the testimony of an early church member Anni Roth, a converted Jew, who later chose to go with the Hungarian Jewish population to be killed in a concentration camp moves me each time I've heard it. Anni had the option of using a letter which declared her to be a Christian and not be deported. She decided the Jewish people needed her more than the church and so she declined the use the letter to avoid deportation to Poland. I wonder how many she was able to lead to the Lord before she was exterminated? What faith and courage! The oldest members of the church still remember.
The wonderful restaurant where I had a delicious Hungarian dinner!
An elder of this church spoke to me at lunch and asked if I could return in the fall to speak to a special gathering of 150 young people from Hungary and Romania. I told him my schedule would not allow me to do it this year but he is wanting to schedule me for October 2016. I believe this may be of the Lord and the Word of Life Bible Institute is prepared to schedule me to come and teach around that conference rather than in March when I usually come. Would you pray that if this is His will all the details might be worked out?
After a long 10 hour day of traveling and speaking I had a chance to have dinner tonight with Paul and Jill Weaver. Paul is the Director of the Bible Institute here and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. They are doing a great work among the students. They also hosted Dr. Daniel Anderson, President and Professor of Appalachia Bible College (also a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary) for dinner and it was a privilege and honor to get to know him! He is here to teach this week the Book of Joshua.
Tomorrow I start a week of vacation. I leave here at 4:30 am for a flight to Rome for 2 days, then to Athens for a day, and then to Jerusalem for 3 days. Not a week of rest but surely a vacation! More on that in my next blog!

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