Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you know where your parents are? Joppa, Israel!

About a half hour ago the clock tower in Joppa (Jaffa) struck nine times for 9 pm. Sharon and I looked at each other, smiled, and then I said, "Kids, do you know where your parents are — right now?" We used to worry about our kids. Now our kids are probably wondering what their two middle-aged to slightly older parents (Sharon celebrated her birthday last week) are doing wandering around in Joppa at night, holding hands as they walk along the Mediterranean Sea, talking about Jonah, Peter, Dorcus and what God can still do for people today! We arrived in Israel about 4 pm on Sunday afternoon after leaving Dallas about noon on Saturday. We are about 8 hours ahead here so it really wasn't too long a flight. The picture to the left was taken of the Med Sea from our balcony just after we arrived at the Dan Panorama in Tel Aviv. We had a shower, a great buffet for dinner and then did our little one mile each way walk to Joppa. In the Old Testament Joppa was the seaport for Jerusalem. It was here that the timbers for the temple were taken out of the sea after being floated down from Lebanon. Then they were taken up the Aijalon Valley (right past the airport!). This valley was where the sun and moon "stood still" in the time of Joshua.
Joppa was the place where Jonah caught his "international one-way cruise away from God" boat. Joppa was the place where Peter caused Dorcus to come back to life through the power of God and Joppa was the place where God caused Peter to bring Life to the Gentiles 35 miles up the coast at Caesarea.
Tomorrow is a "date-day" for Stephen and Sharon before the 14 busloads arrive. Where will Stephen take his wife for a date? Check in tomorrow. Just a clue — its not the usual place a guy takes a girl for a romantic date!

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