Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today We Walked where Jesus Walked

Today we walked where Jesus walked. We started off at the Mt of Beatitudes where Chuck Swindoll preached a great message on the Beatitudes of Matthew 5. Then it was off to Nazareth Village, a reproduction of village life from the first century on a piece of land within the present city of Nazareth. We saw shepherds with their sheep, the watchman in his watchtower, a young women weaving, a carpenter working his trade, all as we were guided around by a young Arab man who had married at DTS grad after she had volunteered at this place a few years ago! He gave great teaching, especially as we were sitting in a synagogue just like Jesus would have attended when he lived here.
After a St. Peter's fish lunch (notice I've learned to order mine without the head and tails and bones!) I spoke from Mark 5 about how Christ can heal a man (from the story of the Gadarene demoniac at a steep bank that leads down to the Sea of Galilee (remember the deviled ham!). We then went to Capernaum and saw so many great things there and heard about the great miracles Christ had done here. Off to see the 1st century "Jesus Boat" and then back to the hotel for a great buffet dinner on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Just in case we hadn't gotten enough to eat we walked into downtown Tiberius for Sharon's traditional coconut ice cream and my bubble gun ice cream cones! Some things are just good!
Tomorrow we'll see some amazing things including Lebanon and Syria!

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  1. As always, dad and mom enjoy the news.